Gallego by Jo Mortimer

He built battlements, chewed his thumbs until they bled and surveyed his defensive architecture; it was useless.

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Roaring Water Bay by Lane Ashfeldt

Auntie Rose was the vintage of the oldest penny that we found buried in our back garden. 

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Irish Whiskey by James Robison

Near Easter her mother dies and Alice is alone
at fifty-three; her heart drills her chest.
The days meander, smelling of ashtrays. Cramped
houses with shining roofs in lateness circle a blackness at
the center of an expectation.

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Republics of the Mind - A Review

Republics of the Mind – New and Selected Stories
By James Robertson
Published by Black & White Publishing
Reviewed by Jessica Patient

Many short story collections start off promising but become diluted by the time you reach the last page. But James Robertson’s Republics of the Mind starts with earlier, published stories and builds up to his stronger, newer stories. Robertson tackles a heck of a lot of genres in one short story collection, ranging from literary to horror to a hellish future.

The opening story, Giraffe, sets the tone for the rest of the collection with characters struggling to find a place in society and dealing with inner torment as they deal with expectations from society. The reader is offered a glimpse into a dysfunctional safari park in Giraffe, where animals and their keepers can not be controlled by the boss.