TVFH Partnering in The Luton Book Festival

This month and next month is a first for us as we partner up with Luton Library to put on a book festival.

For a full listing go here.

Including workshop on Blogging from Jane Turley, November 10th
Have you ever wanted to get into online blogging, but didn't know how to do it? This workshop will run you through the basics, and get you up and running with your first "blog".

Workshop on getting Published by Mike French, October 17
Mike French, local author and editor of online literary magazine The View From Here, had his first book published recently. He will be discussing the process and pitfalls of getting into print.

Workshop on Editing Your Novel by Shanta Everington & Mike French, October 20
Have you written your novel, but don’t know where to start with editing it for publication? Come and get some hints and tips from published authors Mike French and Shanta Everington.

Banned Books
Every fortnight during the Luton Book Festival we will be inviting you to join the debate by focusing on one book in the Banned Book list. Read about each book, then add your own comments to our “Ban or Fan wall” or join in the discussion on our Facebook page (Luton Libraries). You can also browse our display of the full Banned Books list – reserve a copy or take one home (special Banned Books paper bags provided).

 Also ...

How to Make Awesome Comics , Short Story Workshop and much much more!

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