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OUR LAST EVER ISSUE - a note from the editor

This is the last issue of The View From Here and whilst we will continue on-line there is still a sense of something passing as we publish our last magazine.
It’s been a joy to edit the magazine and bring together a wide range of talented people to bring a diverse mix which somehow found cohesion and a sense of something bigger, something world changing – and in a small way I think we achieved that and hopefully helped some writers establish themselves along the way.
We were different, we were bright, we were strange, we refused to be boring and we burned brightly for three years producing something we were all proud of every month.
Thankyou to those who were part of us, those who read us, those we published.

Mike French

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Original Fiction: A. J. Ashworth, Michael Saul, Anthony Spaeth & James Lloyd Davis.

Original Poetry: Michael Dylan Welch, Tanya McDonald , Marion Clarke  and A.J. Huffman.

Final Chapters of our serialisation of Death Knell by Kathleen Maher

Book Review: The Laikonik Express
by Nick Sweeney.

Article: The Long Goodbye by Jane Turley.

ISSN 1758-2903

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