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Interview with the award-winning author and journalist Naseem Rakha.

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A first for us - starting with this issue we are serialising Kathleen Maher's novel, Death Knell in each issue of the magazine during 2011. Here's a blurb to see what's in store ...

When Jeanne, a recently widowed young mother, moves halfway across the United States to Lawrence, Kansas, she hopes to escape a troubled past and start a new life with her two-year-old daughter. Instead she finds she has traded one set of troubles for another. Bereaved and lonely, she plunges headlong into an affair with a married man, Kevin, and tries to befriend Kevin's troubled friend Hal. But Kevin's passion for her and Hal's jealousy create a volatile mix.

Kathleen is a fiction writer based in New York City. A regular contributor to The View From Here, she notes that the term "death knell" interests her because it has two distinct meanings: It may be the sound of a bell tolling after a death, or it can be an omen presaging a death.

Also in this issue ....

More interviews with ... Michael Kimball  & Penny Legg.

Original Fiction: Kirie Pedersen, Lauren Butler & Iain Campbell.

Original Poetry: Magdalawit Makonnen, Jeffrey Callen  & Rich Murphy.

Reading Underground by Jane Turley

Book Review: You Against Me
by Jenny Downham.

ISSN 1758-290

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