Let’s Make a Hollywood Version of this!

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by Ann Giles

It’s a shame foreign things are so rubbish. It makes you want to sort them out, making sure that everything is much better the second time round.

I once took The Son to a British dentist. I fully intended to be polite. We entered the room and I found myself saying ‘Hello, I’m Swedish and I think Swedish dentists are the best.’ Luckily for me the lovely Glaswegian dentist smiled and informed me Scottish dentists are also the best. And that was that. But I was awfully surprised by what had slipped out.

Interview with the President of the Australian Horror Writers Association

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A good horror story doesn’t need to be horrific. Any horror writer will tell you that what it needs to do is create fear in the reader. After talking with Leigh Blakmore, President of the Australian Horror Writers Association, it is evident that there is nothing to fear when joining a writers association.

AHWA is a non-profit organisation that provides a space for like-minded writers of horror to forum their stories to an encouraging audience. Many stories that were first read and enjoyed by fellow members in one of AHWA’s critique groups are now published. If you have been thinking about how to take the first step in distributing your story, look for a group or association and get mingling! Join an online group with a specific purpose and focus such as this, or scope out your local area for a writers group. It’s the perfect way to start!

The AHWA specifically focuses on one genre. What influenced the decision to create an association for writers of the horror genre?

Uncovering the Dream of the Artist

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by John Siddique

Recently I met with a group of students from an art college to give them a masterclass in what it means to be a working artist. My goal with them was to get them to verbalize their artistic dreams, after all they call themselves young artists, and they go to an art college. Yet I was quite shocked to find that not one of the students had ever had such a discussion, they study techniques of their artforms, look at the business side of the arts, but it seems developing and realizing one's dreams was not something they knew how to engage with.

The Great Growing

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It’s hard to say what drove Jeanie and I to plant the seeds in our pores. I think for Jeanie it might have been the stories passed down from her grandmother of an earth where things still grew, where we planted seeds that grew into things we could eat or at least admire. That was all before they had finished the Project, before the powers that be had decided we were all better off without dirt, before they moved the farms to the labs. I didn’t really have an opinion either way.

   My mother called Jeanie an old soul. She looked at least five years older than she really was; tangled hair, thick eyebrows, jewelry my grandma might wear, little wrinkles crackling from the corners of her eyes. It’s safe to say she looked wise.    

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E-books and the Agency Argument

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by Annette Green

Sometimes it seems to me that the thing publishing does best of all is to get itself into a terrible mess. New technologies always bring with them significant challenges to accepted custom and practice. For years the music industry has spectacularly failed to control the development of the digital media, which, at different times, it tried to ignore, to outlaw, to appropriate and to exploit. Many commentators believe the record companies have come to embrace it too late and will never now catch up with its onward march.

Iain M. Banks in latest Issue of The View From Here

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Interview with Iain M. Banks.
Acclaimed as one of the most powerful, innovative and exciting writers of his generation: The Guardian has called him "the standard by which the rest of SF is judged". William Gibson, the New York Times-bestselling author of Spook Country describes Banks as a "phenomenon". We caught up with him for a half hour interview at an evening with Iain M. Banks at the Luton Library theatre.

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