Big Names Join the New Web Team at The View From Here

Today we open the doors to a new format on our website and introduce you to some big names in the industry that are joining us to produce the content.

We've been in discussion with who we consider the best of the best out there in the industry and brought them all together under the umbrella of the View From Here so you can be inspired, informed and entertained.  From today you'll get a mixture from the likes of publishers, poets and literary agents all pitching in to bring you material especially written for the webpage here at TVFH.

All our normal material: our interviews, in-depth articles, reviews and guest articles will now be available exclusively only in our printed and digital editions and will be brought to you by the existing team who will now focus on these formats.

So joining us here at the magazine to form the new web team are ...

Literary agent, Simon Trewin
Scott Pack ( The Friday Project )
Alessandro Gallenzi ( MD Alma Books )
Luke Brown ( Editor at Tindal Street Press )
Tom Chalmers ( MD of Legend Press )
Poet, John Siddique
Literary agent, Annette Green
Ann Giles ( Bookwitch )
Illustrator, Richard Collingridge (WE, Trash)
Amanda Atwell
Film maker, Brian Hutton

We're going to need to get an extra packet of biscuits into the office!

Each member of the team will bring a monthly article with the first due up on site soon. And for an inside look at the discussions we mentioned above ...they went along the lines of, "We wish you to help us"  ...

11 magnificent men and women in one magnificent magazine!  ( Groan - sorry ! )

Photo credit( Modified): Mr T in DC


Michael J. Kannengieser said...

Welcome all!

Anonymous said...

I need to point out it won't be me who's needing the extra biscuits.