Big Train Cakes

Big Train Cake Sketch
Review: The Lone Ranger

The Lone Ranger reviews Big Train's Cake Sketch in the style of a literary review ...

"You could say they were selling like hot cakes."

The Cake Sketch works on a number of levels; it is funny, moving and informative. It brings into perspective the level of suffering some employees have to endure at the hands of idiots.

(Editor: Send me cakes.)

What I like about the sketch is the way you are drawn into the thought gymnastics that go on in Peter's (Simon Pegg's) mind. Peter is committed to cakes and is clever, witty and provides a view on cakes that is refreshing and allows you to look at selling cakes from a perspective outside the normal polite form of thought demonstrated by the masses that surround him. It is indeed tragic that these very values are frowning upon by his superiors.

"Because you're a smart alec, Peter."

(Editor: Boring - send me cakes.)

The sketch shows us the joy in finding the right word or phrase and the script is written with an easy style but the ending is dark and mencing and shows us a man being taken captive as he realises that there are powers that operate outside reason alone.

"I'm afraid up here, what counts, is how you make cakes and not what you say about them."

However if there is a cautionary tale it is this: Avoid using lazy well worn cliches and if you do expect to be  hung up to dry. ( There's a warning for all you writing types.) 

Any subliminal messages in this review are not the responsibility of The View From Here. However if you would like to send the editor SOME CAKES ( for example) then do get in touch with us and we'll be able to sell them so we can afford to run things like this Alfred Hitchcock Birds spoof without all those annoying adverts ...

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