Anjali Joseph Joins The View From Here


Anjali Joseph, who was listed as one of the Daily Telegraph's top 20 novelists under 40 this year, joins the crew here at the magazine as a monthly article writer.

We are really excited to have her on board and her first article will appear in our September printed and digital edition.  But if you can't wait that long then see a Guest Article she did for us here.

Anjali Joseph was born in Bombay in 1978. She read English at Trinity College, Cambridge, and has taught English at the Sorbonne. More recently she has written for the Times of India in Bombay and been a Commissioning Editor for ELLE (India). She graduated from the MA in Creative Writing at the University of East Anglia in 2008 and writes regularly for the Times Literary Supplement and the Times of India. Saraswati Park, published in July 2010, is her first novel.


Paul Burman said...

A big welcome, Anjali. I look forward to reading more articles from you at The View From Here. I enjoyed Both Sides Now very much and can certainly relate to many aspects of what you describe. The distant perspective is easier to work with at times - it's easier to focus on the things that matter, perhaps. Welcome.

Jane Turley said...

Welcome to The View Anjali:) All these well travelled folks like yourself and Paul make me quite jealous! The only time I get to write from a distance is when my fingernails are long:)

Congratulations on the publication of your first novel!

Unknown said...

Welcome, Anjali. I enjoyed your reading guest post. Your perspective on various places and how they affect your feelings and writing were intriguing and fond.

Sydney Nash said...

Giant Greetings! Welcome to the View From Here, you've just bumped us up a notch with another lovely "view" and we're delighted to have you on board. I am truly looking forward to reading and exploring your thoughts.

Michael J. Kannengieser said...

Welcome Anjali! I look forward to reading more articles from you. Great to have you aboard!

Kerrie Anne said...

A Big Welcome from Australia Anjali.
Looking forward to reading you articles. Congratulations.