World Cup Reading

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 Amidst fears from book retailers that sales will dip over the next 4 weeks during the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa, we recommend you enjoy the best football record of all time, Black Grape's England's Irie, which was released way back in 1996 - hence the poor quality of the video I'm afraid!

And if you would like to cheer up the publishers and want a book to go with your World Cup extras, then buy Anthony Cartwright's book Heartland - who we interviewed way back in issue 22.

This is what Anthony said when we asked him about England's chances ...

"OK, but I think they have an incredible amount of pressure put on them. Winning it is really difficult, obviously, but there’s a chance. Capello’s done a good job so far and the group looks straightforward (although we’ve often done well in tough groups, like 1990 or 2002). If it was one-a-side we’d probably win it with Rooney!"

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