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Welcome to the final installment of our series using that classic writers' guide and wholly remarkable book, The HitchHiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Packed with advice from poetry, how to pitch a book and dealing with the improbability of getting published this book has it all.

For our last go with the guide before returning it to the library (we have a limited budget here at TVFH ) we entered in "Slush Pile"  and got this ...

Entry 501: Slush Pile Statistics

In the appendix to the guide it also helpfully points out that the odds quoted

2 to the power of 2079460347 against 

is by a staggering coincidence also the odds against a submission ever seeing the light of day once it joins that towering stack of papers on a publishers' desk: the slush pile.

Interestingly the odds are even higher than that as according to the guide the population of the Universe is zero and hence it would have to be a dearranged figment of your imagination to think ...

A  That you exist in the first place
B  That you can write
C  That  publishers exist
D  That publishers will publish you.

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