Publishers' View Agreement

The Bookseller broke the story earlier today about a new agreement between The View From Here and 14 publishers including Random House, Bloomsbury and Penguin Books.

Under the Publishers' View Agreement The View From Here will work with key people in the industry from around the world to help publishers identify fresh new talent.

"We look forward to working more closely with The View from Here, a creative, forward-thinking magazine that will help us spot and promote new talent."
Alessandro Gallenzi – Publisher and Managing Director, Alma Books

Each publisher has entered into an agreement whereby they will appoint a key member of their staff to read the printed edition of The View From Here every month, with a view to looking for talent they'd be interested in working with.

The Publisher's that have entered into the agreement are:

Random House, Bloomsbury, Canongate, Penguin Books, Fourth Estate, Faber & Faber, Little Brown Book Group, Legend Press, Alma Books & Tindal Street Press

Unbridled Books and Milkweed Editions

Text Publishing and Allen&Unwin

"We're very keen to work with The View From Here and look forward to reading the magazine each month."
Bloomsbury Publishing

Mike French, the Senior Editor of the magazine, said, " We want to build on our reputation for championing and encouraging the best emerging writers and poets and the Publishers' View Agreement gives us the means to achieve that. Historically, literary magazines have been a way for talented writers to get their work out there and get noticed by Publishing Houses but we wanted to build on this and have a clear structured channel so this process wasn't left to chance."

In a climate where literary consultants advise writers to avoid the slush pile at all costs this is a new and exciting way to get noticed.

And unlike many routes to bypass the slush pile, it doesn't involve hours of networking every day to get noticed and more importantly the process does not take a fee from authors at any stage of getting their work infront of the editors, and in some cases, directors of the publishing houses. In a climate where access to those with influence normally comes with a price tag ( literary consultancies will often take a cut from an author's advance if they represent them ) the Publishers' View Agreement means effective help for writers without seeing them as a source of income. And as the majority of writers earn comparatively little we believe this is a socially responsible scheme.

If you're a writer and are interested then visit our submissions page here. Good Luck!


Michael J. Kannengieser said...

Bravo Mike! You're a leader and a trailblazer, and I am proud to work on your team!

Jane Turley said...

Well done Mike. This is a ground breaking achievement. Kudos to you for all your hard work in making The View From Here not only a success but for championing the cause of all new and emerging writers:)

Sydney Nash said...

Fantastic! Your ambition, passion and drive for excellence in a field that is difficult to make a wave in is appreciated and applauded. You're an inspiration!

zeno490 said...

Cheers Mike! Very glade to see the magazine grow and all of your hard work be rewarded. Congrats.

Unknown said...

Trailblazer is right, MK! This is great news. Mike, the magazine gets better all the time. (I say that all the time because it's literally true.) Onward and upward!

Stella said...

Everyone has already said everything I can think of saying, so I just want to say how lucky I feel to be on board with The View. Go Mike! :)