From the Editor's Desk: Images and Fiction

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by Michael J. Kannengieser

If one draws a circle, it stands alone with an impenetrable border. There’s a defensive posture inherent in a sphere’s silhouette on canvass. Nothing influences its form or size. Draw an overlapping ring, and one notices three shapes: two circles with an intruding gap which neither adds, nor subtracts, from the original figures, but creates a unique entity from two existing objects.

That is my vision of how photography and artwork enhances fiction. This website combines those elements to construct a venue where readers experience more than just the joy of the prose, but the convergence of media into a single result. When united both online and in print, words, images, and drawings create a multiplicity of perception. The diverse, artistic output generated by the crew and contributors to “The View from Here” are crafted together to heighten the literary theme of the magazine. The resulting valleys between the “shapes” of photographs, articles, and stories, form an alternative suggestion in the reader’s mind.

Given a piece of creative writing, I’ll direct a photo shoot which interprets the plot within the context of how I perceive the subject matter and characters. However, in explaining my idea, I may detach from the author. The photographer then drifts from my suggestions, and the models involved convey their own emotional inferences in their poses and expressions. The disparity between the words on the page and the final, accompanying shot may be great, but it fills in that atypical gulf which appears when two discrete outlines overlap one another. In this example, they are words and images.

Regarding our literary pursuits here at the magazine, success or failure in our goals to produce a compelling periodical depends on budget, talent, available resources, and more. Still, there’s one consistent factor which originates at the fundamental level, and that is the written word. All else may be considered superfluous. Then again, what is a circle if it stands alone?

This magazine celebrates literature and its creators by using many forms of media to produce an enjoyable and long-lasting journal. In that sense, outside that two dimensional orbit, “The View from Here” is endless and imaginative.

-Original Image by M.J. Kannengieser

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