Gold View Award : dovegreyreader

The View From Here is proud to present our annual Gold View Award to


While many people describe themselves as workaholics, shopaholics or chocaholics, the recipient of The View From Here’s annual Gold View Award describes herself as a bookaholic. And, as anyone who regularly visits her blog will testify, it’s no idle boast.

dovegreyreader scribbles may be a lit-blog where one reader shares her “subjective passion for reading with like-minded people”, but she does this in the grandest of styles. What passion! dovegreyreader is a prolific reader and an astute commentator (not a reviewer or a critic, as she’s keen to point out) on those books that make an impression on her ... as well as being a sock-knitting quilter, a community nurse and a keen observer of life in rural Devon.

Her passion is evident not only in the volumes(!) of books she reads, but in her engagement with them and the insight she provides. What dovegreyreader offers – and the reason The View From Here is proud to announce her as the recipient of this year’s award – is a homely blog that nurtures and celebrates a love of literature, and which manages to do so in an intelligent, articulate and generous manner.

And so we in turn celebrate dovegreyreader scribbles

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The Gold View Award is awarded by the magazine at the end of each year to any site or blog that continually delivers a high standard of excellence in any area of the arts.


Michael J. Kannengieser said...

Congratulations to dovegreyreader!

kathleenmaher said...

Yes, congratulations! dovegreyreader is especially engaging. After reading a few posts, she reminds me of the best friend I haven't quite found yet.