Celebs in Writing Distress: Malin Akerman

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by The Lone Ranger

Dear The Lone Ranger

Can you help me? No one else will take me seriously.  Since I've started writing my first novel my head keeps buzzing with ideas around 3 AM in the morning. Normally at this time I'm suiting up to go to work to fight crime and such stuff, but I just can't concentrate. Several times I've had to give up and find an all night cafe to scribble down my thoughts. Frankly it's driving me to distraction and I don't know how longer I can keep going.  I'd like to give up crime fighting but it pays the bills and writing - well it ain't exactly paved with gold.

your Malin

Dear Malin

You are not alone in struggling to balance a writing life with a career. My advice would be to write in the winter months when it's a bit cold out there on the streets and fight crime in the summer months. As for giving up completely, it's only a lucky few writers that are able to write full time, so I'd stick with it - I'm available Tuesday evenings when Tonto is washing his hair, if you want some company out there.

Say hi to Nighthawk for me.


The Lone Ranger

Editors Note: That's it for The Lone Ranger for a while, look out for him again in 2010.

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Unknown said...

Solid advice, as usual, Lone Ranger.
I don't know many writers, but some of the more successful I have met stick to the exact schedule you propose. Or, one similar: they spend a full season away from the desk, in some case summer; in others winter.