Author Advent 3 : Stephen Clayton

"The book I enjoyed the most in 2009 was Repetition by Alain Robbe-Grillet. An enthralling and unsettling story, and written in such a masterly way that you know instinctively that you are in the hands of a superb and original author. This is fiction as art, but without pretention or pomposity and his subtle and daring use of language and incident, and the ease with which he manipulates character and atmosphere is a joy. Probably not to everybody’s taste, but a book to be savoured, by an author from whom there is much to learn."

Stephen Clayton
The Art of Being Dead


Each day until December 24th an author featured at TVFH over the last few years tells us of their favourite read of 2009 in our Author Advent. You'll have to provide your own chocolates and there's no little door to open, but you could try placing your hand over your eyes and then removing it again. Authors include the likes of Julian Barnes, Iain Banks, Paul Torday, Patrick Gale and Marina Lewycka. And for those of you who like lists, we'll list them all on December 29th.

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