Author Advent 17: Gayle Forman

"One of the perks of being in publishing is getting to read advance copies of books months before they come out. Of course, the downside to this is that sometimes you wind up falling in love with a book long before anyone else you know has read it. Such was the case with my favorite book of 2009, which, for the most of the world, won't come out until 2010: The Sky Is Everywhere by debut author Jandy Nelson grabbed me by the throat from the opening pages and kept me breathless until the last sentence. It's a story about Lennie, a teenage girl who's grappling with the sudden death of her sister, and of the things that grow out of the vacuum of loss. In Lennie's case, her own identity freed of her sister's shadow, as well as her the emergence of herself as a sexual being. That makes it sound a little cheesy and pat coming-of-age, but it's anything but. This book was so gorgeously written, so bursting with love, so romantic, it was riveting. It's officially a teen book, but like so much of the fantastic teen fiction coming out these days, it's meant for all ages. It is being released in the UK in June of 2010 from Walker Books. Keep an eye out for it."

Gayle Forman
If I Stay


Each day until December 24th an author featured at TVFH over the last few years tells us of their favourite read of 2009 in our Author Advent. You'll have to provide your own chocolates and there's no little door to open, but you could try placing your hand over your eyes and then removing it again. Authors include the likes of Julian Barnes, Iain Banks, Paul Torday, Patrick Gale and Marina Lewycka. And for those of you who like lists, we'll list them all on December 29th.

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