Celebs in Writing Distress: Lily Cole

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by The Lone Ranger

Hi Lone Ranger

Gosh I'm such a big fan of you and like all your heroic stuff.

So, I'm writing my first novel at the moment and I'm basing it on the Adam and Eve story. My question is, there is a lot of nudity in the book and I'm not sure how graphic I should make the sex scenes? And I'm really stuck with what to call "things".

Help me Lone Ranger!

love Lily X

P.S Can you send me a signed nude photo of you riding Silver? (Just put love to Lily.)

Dear Lily

Gosh my girl, I cannot send you a nude photo of myself, get a grip. As to your question, well it depends, writing sex scenes is very hard and if not done right just come over as laughable.  First forget your Mum and everybody else and enter the world you are creating without any inhibitions. Then write what feels right for your story - is it important to describe things? Does it add to the tone and story? Is it better to leave things to the readers' imagination? If you do describe the act of sex itself, then do be careful with your choice of words, having made the decision to describe it don't come over all shy in your word choice - the reader has to believe what is going on, not be jarred out of the story.  As to "what to call things?" - it is a problem and you have to use your skill as a writer to decide which words to use - for example "tits" or "boobs" can make you sound like you are a Sun newspaper writer, but may work depending on the style of the narrative.

I'm off to have a shower.

The Lone Ranger

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