Celebs in Writing Distress: Angelina Jolie

Reader Logoby The Lone Ranger

Dear Lone Ranger

I love your magazine, The View From Here, and it has really motivated me to start my first novel. I don't want to trade on my fame however and want to send it to a publisher under an assumed name. Have you any suggestions as to how best approach them?

Help me Lone Ranger!


Dear Angelina

Thanks for including the signed photo of you with your letter Angelina, I've pasted it up at the local tavern after negotiating a fair price with the proprietor.
So to your problem. You've come to the right Ranger my girl. My advice would be to change your name to Jolie Angelina, research the publishers to find one that you believe will fall in love with your work - plus write a good covering letter and I'm sure you'll get picked up if your writing and story are strong enough after about 5 to 50 years of submitting.
Good luck!

The Lone Ranger


Anonymous said...

Jolie Angelina ? weird

Unknown said...

Jolie Angelina works for me. I'm sure her novels would sell.