New Managing Editor Joins The Magazine

We are open for submissions for The Front View for 2010 with a new Managing Editor, Michael J. Kannengieser.

Sydney Nash will continue as Managing Editor for our 2009 fiction which is now full and then will be moving on to other things at the end of the year. So expect a goodbye message from her in December - it's been a great year with her at the helm at the Front View and she has helped stamp Literary in big fat letters all over The View From Here.

So to Michael. I can't tell you how excited we are that he has joined us - well let me try ...

You get the idea?

Michael is a talented writer himself and edited the sadly no longer with us, Society of Midnight Wanderers alongside JD Beaudoin. He is a good friend and a huge asset to the team here - always professional and inspirational, he will bring his own unique flavour to the magazine.

The only problem with him, and this is a slight niggle, is that to his mates he calls himself Mike. Hmm ... could get confusing!


Photo credits Open: Jesssloss
Bob Jagendorf


Unknown said...

You know, when I read that "Michael J. Kannengieser" would be the new managing editor, I was skimming the article in a reader.
Great to know it's "Mike" from the Society of Midnight Wanderers.
(Nice picture of you, MK.)You might run thumbnails to avoid confusion. Or go by MF and MK. But keeping the two terrific but very different "Mike"s might force people like me to read every word. Although, really, you're each distinctive enough so that following one sentence all the way through should make it clear.
TVFH can expect that much, I think.
Hey, there, MK, long time...and welcome.

Michael J. Kannengieser said...

Hi Kathleen,
Thanks for the warm welcome! I am busy reading and enjoying myself. I think all of you will appreciate the fine sections we have received so far. As for the confusion as to which Mike is here, Mike F is typically M1, and I am M2...heh heh. It will be a pleasure working here with this talented staff. Thanks again Kathy. -Mike (M2).

Stella said...

Welcome, Mike!

I suggest we refer to you and Monsieur French as "Mike" and deal with the Shakespearean confusion.

Michael J. Kannengieser said...

Hi Stella,

Yes..the two Mike's will write away...and the others will sort it out.

But, I think Mike and I kind of settled on M1 and M2 a while ago. Now, just who exactly is M1 again?

Thanks Stella,

Mike (M2)