Rabbit Writer -- Consequences

Could be worse.

Just a note. When reading to youngsters, don't bring something far more fascinating than the book along with you. There will be... consequences.

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by Naomi 'Brigid' Gill


Paul Burman said...

Wise words. Nice one.

Book Calendar said...

Well, here I am. I do appreciate this very much. I also recognize some of the contributors from The View From Here around the internet. Thank you for offering me the Gold View Award for book blogs. I appreciate Mike French who I occassionally read messages from the Book Readers Group on Blog Catalog letting me know about this. http://www.blogcatalog.com/group/book-readers/discuss/entry/welcome-15 . I also like reading Stella Carter's haiku on Stellascript who is also a contributor to the View From Here. http://stellascript.blogspot.com/
It is nice getting appreciation from fellow bloggers.