Celebs in Writing Distress: Megan Fox

by The Lone Ranger

Dear Lone Ranger

I'm writing my first novel in Microsoft word and have my font set to 12 - do you think it should be in size 10?



Dear Megan

I would normally recommend matching your font to your shoe size. Good luck with the novel.


The Lone Ranger

More letters from celebs soon!


kathleenmaher said...

The Lone Ranger is so sensible and yet daring. This advice is funny but it gives big feet an unfair advantage--if one goes by US shoe sizes. I wear a seven, which is really too small for most readers.
If I buy imported shoes, though, my size is 37 or 38: a font size that would certainly get attention.
Of course, I have no idea where Megan Fox buys her shoes. I've seen pictures of her but they didn't include her feet.

Stella said...

Mighty nice to see you 'round these parts, Mr. Ranger.

My pa always used to say go by your hat size.

The Lone Ranger said...

Your pa was a wise man Stella

and Kathlenn - unfair advantage? It's a tough world lady.

kathleenmaher said...

So true, LR. I don't think hat size would help me out unless I went by how big my head feels.