TVFH Available in Full Page on-line Magazine Format

From this month the magazine will be available in the format below as well as the printed edition.

In an environment where magazines and newspapers are struggling to find workable models to balance free on-line content and paper content we have decided after much thought and consultation ( a big thanks to Scott Pack from The Friday Project who met up with us last week in London ) to make this move as we can compete more effectively on-line, where it is more of a level playing field. The printed magazine will still be available but after launching on-line yesterday we have had nearly 500 people view the magazine already, so it is an effective way to get the magazine infront of people.

Do help the magazine to grow by embedding the magazine onto your site. Just copy and paste the code below and add water (width 190 pixels so it will fit in your sidebar if you have a blog.)

O and you will also notice that we have had a repaint job done on our site and a "about us" page to help people orientate themselves around the magazine.


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