Artist Lori Andrews joins TVFH Crew

The talented artist, Lori Andrews, joins the crew at The View From Here today. Lori will be doing some original paintings to go with some of the fiction pieces over at The Front View.

So if you are submitting and we publish you, you may end up with some original artwork illustrating your story. ( Roughly 1 in 4 pieces will have commissioned artwork)

We are really excited to have such a talent on board with us and Lori really is great. I could gush on, but why don't you just watch her in action in the video below:

Check out Lori's work at her website here.

Welcome Lori!


charlie said...

Welcome Lori - I look forward to your visual interpretations of the fiction - it's always interesting to see anothers take on a story in a different medium.

Unknown said...

Such beautiful work, Lori! Glad you're here.

Kerrie-Anne said...

Welcome Lori
Love your work..