Lovely Weekend Reading

Beautiful pieces from Kara Weiss and David Moran this week. Each story offering a slice of life that will reveal a gritty reality from that particular point of view we applaud at The Front View.

From "Something Familiar" by Kara Weiss:

He wondered if he would ever get used to the neighborhood. He'd borrowed the only jacket his father would let him take, a Carhartt work jacket with a tear at the elbow, and walked out onto the street. The winter Boston air cut cleanly through the canvas and the pockets did nothing to warm his hands. He should have borrowed a pair of kicks too, he now thought. Had his father been willing to lend a pair. His were the same Timbs he'd had on his last admit to Juvenile Detention sixteen months ago, and his toes and heels were destroyed, pressed and rubbing against the hard leather. They were at least two sizes too small. His desire to get out of the apartment had been spurred at least as much by his interest in checking out the 'hood as to get out of the apartment, his father's insolence as thick as the building's stench.
An excerpt from "Two Lovers Against A Wall" by David Moran:
Sly faces came and went from buildings, the odd one exposed by the sole streetlamp yet to have its bulb shattered and spread across the pavement. Cars slowly crawled up and down, rarely stopping outside a building for any longer than it took for a figure to lurch from a doorway. Their surroundings were not modest or kind. In the sun light the street lay dormant, resentful to the new day which stopped old habits from roaming freely.
Read on. Enjoy ...

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