Gold View Award: Dan Leo

The View From Here is proud to present our second Gold View Award to

Dan Leo

This fiction blog presents alternating serial novels that are so original and beautifully written that they easily become addictive, providing one is eager for fun that includes surreal complications. Both picaresque novels are set in the 1960s. The episodes begin with period photographs and end with YouTube clips, usually of 1960s rock bands. The intricate plots include dozens of characters. The action is so unpredictable, you might want to start by clicking straight to the first episodes. Otherwise, prepare to jump into uncharted territory and let the writer’s wry, effortless dialogue pull you in.

One novel, “Railroad Train to Heaven,” is presented as the memoir of poet Arnold Schnabel. In the summer of 1963, Arnold is recuperating from a nervous breakdown with his family in Cape May, N.J., a seaside resort town. Unassuming and polite to a fault, Arnold gets wrapped up in epiphanies the way a character in a crime novel is caught in mounting murderous entanglements.

The other novel, “A Town Called Disdain,” is purportedly written by Larry Winchester, a B-movie screenwriter. Set in 1969, the action ranges from Wild West good guys (and gals) vs. bad ones, intergalactic aliens disguised as movie stars of the time, a roving gang of psycho-motorcycle killers, and the dashing couple Dick and Daphne Ridpath. This novel plays with popular literary genres including science fiction, espionage, celebrity sagas, westerns, and war stories.

Thanks so much for the honor!

Dan Leo

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Notes on the Award: The Gold View Award is awarded by the magazine once a month. It is not a "chain" award, that is, it cannot be passed by those receiving it onto others.
We award it to sites that we feel go the extra mile - either in their look, content or we just think they are amazing! In other words gold! They don't have to be literary, but most probably will be.
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