Charlie - - Mike Hancock

Excerpt: Charlie is a wire-haired fox terrier and in his prime was a rambunctious, feisty, lovable little dog. Only Charlie was born crippled, his hind leg deformed. Dad and Maw Maw doubted he would live. There wasn’t just the botched-up leg. He was a runt, one of those undersized puppies which tend to get kicked out of the feeding frenzy and are left to die. So Dad supplemented his mother’s milk with formula from a baby bottle. Did that for the few weeks it took for Charlie to get some density in those fragile bones, and soon he was running around with the rest of them, albeit with a funny little gait. Dad was like that, taking over when others don’t.

Amazing story. It's going to be a helluva book. Mike Hancock is going to be a name we remember.

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Anonymous said...

I think its a great idea that ppl are finally realizing that you are a great teacher. Oh, good news, I might take that creative writing project class next year!! >_<