Open Mike Nights -- Tyler Gomo

December 9th, 2008 “Snug Harbor – New Paltz, NY”

Pure dive bar. That is the thought that came into my head when I walked into Snug Harbor for the very first time. From the bar counter that (according to the carvings scrawled on it) had seen better days, to the ridiculous Budweiser neon sign shaped like a Fender Stratocaster that hung over the stage, to the jukebox that had a decidedly riff-rock slant; me and my acoustic felt totally out of place.
But, out of determination, I stayed. “I need this experience,” I repeated to myself. After playing coffeehouses and a rock-bar, I ought to have my dive-bar moment. I just hoped that my acoustic could take a beer bottle to the gut, just in case of a Roadhouse moment.

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