Gold View Award: Scott Pack

The View From Here is proud to present our inaugural Gold View Award to

Scott Pack's blog Me And My Big Mouth.

Although Scott (ex-HMV, ex-Waterstones, current publisher for The Friday Project) claims to blog indiscriminately, what he provides is a wonderfully broad range of posts that reflect his eclectic tastes, irreverent humour and No Bullshit approach.
While the overall flavour is clearly literary, and his archives are packed with everything from interviews with Haruki Murakami and Sebastian Beaumont to reviews of mainstream, indy and self-published books, there's also music clips, family snippets and comments about whatever has drifted (or been thrust) into his field of awareness.
Each day at Me And My Big Mouth is a day-in-the-brain-of... well, a publisher, reader, reviewer, father, man-about-town, TV viewer and a few other things besides. It's informative, entertaining, refreshing and regularly refreshed. The guy can't even take a holiday without blogging about not blogging!
A loud cheer from The View From Here.

That's grand. Thank you very much for this honour. The good people of The View From Here are clearly individuals of fine taste. Now, what's the catch?
Scott Pack

No catch Scott!
To visit Scott's blog click here.

Notes on the Award: The Gold View Award will be awarded by the magazine once a month. It is not a "chain" award, that is, it cannot be passed by those receiving it onto others.
We award it to sites that we feel go the extra mile - either in their look, content or we just think they are amazing! In other words gold! They don't have to be literary, but most probably will be.
Award artwork: Fossfor


Unknown said...

Scott Pack's Me and My Big Mouth is an enlightened choice. A quick glance enlightened me, anyway.
And the award looks spectacular!

Jane Turley said...

I will definately be checking Scott out! Being able to blog about not blogging is truly inspirational! I just hope he never gets constipation...(evil chuckle.....)