Well it seems a long time ago that we started off the magazine with a team of 4 - almost a year now.

Now we are all grown up with a team of 13.

New kids on the block are:

Kerrie Anne
who will be doing an interview each month for us. Kerrie is a good friend and is great at understanding how people tick -her first interview is with Canongate author Andrew Davidson about his book The Gargoyle.

Diego Cupolo is joining us as the magazine's front page photographer. His work suits our style perfectly and April's issue features his work. (See image below). Since we started our covers have always been distinctive and Diego will be seeking out shots for us with his camera lens that continues and builds upon that, to help give us our own unique style.

So all in with editors, writers, artists, reviewers, photographers and interviewers we are set to deliver you a literary magazine with heart, passion and 13 creative sparks that are going to set the somewhat dry book world alight! Stand well back please. There you go. Ready?

Top 13 Photo credit: Dobrych

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Stella said...

We're going to need a bigger water-cooler. (/dumb joke)

Welcome Kerrie Anne and Diego!