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The rabbit gets his way.

The joy of having pets. Or kids, for that matter. Kids are just a little less fuzzy than pets. (Unless you have something like an iguana.)

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by Brigid


Mike French said...

Arh the distractions of life to writing -


Is writing a distraction from life?

Fossfor said...

substitute the bunnyrabbit for a Siamese cat and this is me ;)

Brigid said...

@Mike: I think it's both. ^_^

@Fossfor: I knew some Siamese cats once. Wonderfully friendly, in-your face creatures.

Stella said...

Possibly your best yet. (But I might say that again next time...)

And it's so true. *sigh* I miss my dog.

Brigid said...

Thanks! It's good to know I'm improving. At least I hope that's what's happening and this isn't a fluke or something. ^_^