Mrs. Foley Joins The Fold -- Patti Dean


While not the intended effect, the outcome was surprisingly satisfying. Mr. Foley boasted to his Monday night poker buddies that it was now his firm belief, “Pecan Praline Ice Cream beats Viagra any day, any how!” The news traveled fast as it always does when the players are unexpected.

Mr. and Mrs. Foley co-owned the neighborhood Exxon gas station and mini-mart in the sleepy southern town of Sheldon. The main point of pride for this emporium, according to the no nonsense Mrs. Foley, was the newly installed two way mirror.

The barometer of the town’s shadow waited for her scientific observation after she’d tallied the cash drawer and lectured her “good for nothing” clerk on various points of customer service that she’d downloaded from last night’s restless dream. Mrs. Foley perched behind the mirror, ready to pounce on the hotbed of unsuspecting criminals stuffing their jackets with rolls of mints, bags of Oreos, and six packs of Mountain Dew.

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