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by Mike

by Neil Gaiman
Illustrations: Dave McKean
Publisher: Bloomsbury

What happens when you don't have time for your kids?

Well if they are Coraline they find a door into another world. A world with an other mother and other father who will give them all the time they want, in fact everything they want.

"There's a but, isn't there?" said Coraline. "I can feel it. Like a rain cloud."

Yes Coraline there is. Look closer at your other mother.

The other mother smiled, showing a full set of teeth, and each of the teeth was a tiny bit too long. The lights in the hallway made her black-button eyes glitter and gleam. "You don't frighten me," said Coraline, although they did frighten her, very much.

Indeed they do and the book is scary in a most delightful way. Kids will love it.

The cat's fur was on end, and its tail was bristling like a chimney-sweep's brush.
"What's wrong?" asked Coraline.
"They've gone," said the cat. "They aren't there any more. The ways in and out of this place. They just went flat."

Adults will love it as well - and perhaps spend a bit more time with their kids afterwards! Wonderfully written and illustrated by Neil and Dave, Coraline is a short story of false delights that draws children into a world fashioned to ensnare.

Neil Gaiman is British and lives in the USA. He is the author of many highly acclaimed novels for adults and children and he has a cult following for his work in the graphic novel arena, in particular the Sandman Series. Neil also writes screenplays and two of his own works are now films, Stardust and Coraline which has been directed by The Nightmare Before Xmas director Henry Selick.

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Release dates of film:
UK: 8 May 2009
USA: 6 Feb 2009

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