Rabbit Writer -- Cold Season

Sickness and deadlines.

Don't know who to feel more sorry for here, the writer or the rabbit. Funny how sneezing can startle the poor little things but action movies don't faze them. Well, they don't faze my rabbit anyway.

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by Naomi 'Brigid' Gill


Unknown said...

Such a nice cartoon! Even action movies are just movies. A sudden live sneeze means someone's not feeling well.

Brigid said...

True. But I wouldn't have thought my bunny could tell the difference between explosions on TV and stuff happening in real life. Maybe he's smarter than I give him credit for. ^_^

Paul Burman said...

Like it! And I wonder if rabbits get colds too.

Brigid said...

Supposedly they don't. But they can get allergies. There's some kind of dust in the Timothy hay available in pet stores around here that makes my bunny sneeze.

Makes feeding him in the winter a little interesting sometimes. ^_^

Stella said...

An action-movie proof rabbit? Now there's a weapon for you.