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by Mike

Congrats an Amazon Voucher on its way!

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kathleenmaher said...

Congratulations Adalaide Austin! And Mike, really fun video. You get better all the time.

I've mentioned Dan Leo http://danleo.blogspot.com/
here before; he concludes his fiction posts with YouTubes.(He pretends someone else is the writer, but that's a ruse.)

Unlike you, he doesn't make the videos; just finds them. But it's interesting how YouTubes can sometimes complement a fiction episode.

Adele Austin said...

Aaaww!!! I'm so thrilled! Really, it was just so unexpected! *wipes-tear-from-corner-of-eye*

No, seriously, that's so sweet of you! You've made a day that was going progressively downhill turn the other way around - thank you! And yes, loved the video!

*rubs-palms-together* Now what books will I buy...? :D

Mike French said...

You're welcome Adele - glad to brighten up your day!

Jane Turley said...

Great Video Mike! Those acceptance speeches are such agony aren't they?

Stella said...

And now we're at 104. Woo and hoo!