How to get a Publishing Deal #8

Reader Logoby The Lone Ranger

Now I know many of you take the waggon train into work every day. Commuting I think you call it. Me, I prefer the wind in my face and the sound of Silver's hoofs. Still if you do commute then you can use this to get your book published.

Tip number 8

Find out which train your publisher takes to work, then sit opposite them reading your paper.

? you might say.

Here's the clever bit. Each day print out a page of your masterpiece in large font. Say about 20. Then glue it to the back page of your paper - a broadsheet works best. A picture of a fine gal or cowboy next to it helps. Then hurrah - each day your targeted publisher gets to read the next page of your stunning novel.

I have had comments that I am encouraging people to stalk publishers and the local Sherif wants to ask me some questions. But hopefully I will be back next week.

Photo credit: Erix!


Paul Burman said...

Leaping from Silver onto a fast-moving train would add an extra element to this scenario, although relying on such an approach every day might create some suspicion, I suppose.

Stella said...

I think this was yout most useful tip yet, Mr. Ranger.