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by Stella

Every year right about now, practically everyone in the world is unveiling some kind of list summarizing the year: favorite reads, top films, best dressed, etc. The only list I compile at the end of the year is my New Year's Resolutions: less chocolate, less procrastinating, more sleep, and so on. I also make a kind of sub-list for specific reading and writing goals, and I figure the View is the perfect place to share my ambitions for the year 2009.

#1: Finish rough draft of novel.
#2: Read at least twenty-five books on Crazy Impossibly Long Reading List.
#3: Cannot be mentioned or I'll break the resolution. (It's one of those catch-22s, which I might read this year as part of resolution #2.)
#4: Brush up on grammar and punctuation rules. I think I should finally learn how to place commas in the right places.
#5: Practice using figurative language.
#6: Invent three new words/phrases and get at least one in circulation.
#7: Write an updated version of War & Peace.
#8: Crack fewer absurd jokes.

That one is also on my regular list, but I think it's important enough to write twice.

I hope I'll be able to keep all my resolutions, especially the first one. Actually I think the reading list will be the hardest to keep since it means I'll have to read at least one book every two weeks. It's doable, certainly, but tricky – particularly since I've yet to master the art of time manipulation. Don't worry, it's also on the list.

Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Stella, Mike, Paul, Naomi, Jen, fossfor, and Jane! The View From Here is a finalist in the 2008 Weblog Awards for BEST UK blog! Check it out,

This is Kathleen, writing from a Roman internet cafe. My New Years Resolution no. 1. is to round up every possible vote.
See if the Lone Ranger wants to join the chase. Cheers!

Stella said...

Go team us!

Although, I guess if we're nominated as best UK blog, I should try sounding more British.

Oh I say! Good show!

Kathleen, you lucky duck - I am green with envy.

Jane Turley said...

Good Luck Stella with those New Year Resolutions!

Well done to all of you for your nomination - I'm excluding myself here as the newcomer on the block -I've certainly enjoyed reading The View From Here throughout the year and obviously so do a lot of other people. Congratulations!

Well done to you individually Kathleen as I notice you've been nominated in the Best Literature category; a great achievement.

So keep up the good work everyone and I'll try not to lower the tone!

Jane Turley said...

Oh Stella, don't forget to say "Tally ho, Old Boy" at the end of every sentence and you'll be doing just fine!

Anyone for cucumber sandwiches?!

Unknown said...

Jane, You must take credit for The View's Finalist rank. The awards committee, which works terribly hard, didn't examine this site until recently, when it was nominated. You were contributing as a major teammate well before then. Ask Mike; he'll tell you. Terrific icon, btw.
Stella, I can't imagine anyone would believe I was the least bit British. We may need to take an educational visit. And next time I go to Rome, I'm hoping you'll come with me. I threw a coin in a fountain today that's supposed to make that happen.
Australians, however, will pass undetected; these awards are "made the USA."

Stella said...

Well dash it all, Jane! I wish I had said that.

Kathleen - congratulations on your nomination! And thanks for throwing in that coin. My heart has melted into a puddle of caramel :)

Mike French said...

Well isn't that fine and dandy! I'll raise a glass to us all tonight!
Well done team and happy new year!

The Lone Ranger said...

Don't forget me :-)

Pok Dell said...

Happy New Year!!

Stella said...

No one could forget you, Mr. Ranger. It's plum uthinkable, that's what it is.

Did you notice that there are almost 100 subscribers?


the Amateur Book Blogger said...

well done team, and Kathleen on 'DoaH' nomination too! great start to 2009!


ORION said...

I am SO voting for your blog!!
And resolutions? finally make my 2009 New Years Resolutions before 2009 ends?

Paul Burman said...

"Australians, however, will pass undetected"? Fair dinkum? Streuth! Crikey! That's what comes when one half of the world thinks we're Americans, one half thinks we're Austrians who can't spell, one half thinks we're still a penal colony, and the other half thinks we can't work out our fractions. Oh well, it does have its advantages, and I'm more than happy to draw on my ex-pat status on this occasion... Top hole, old chap. More crumpets, vicar?

Congratulations one and all for a wonderful achievement and a big CONGRATS to you, Kathleen, for getting the double whammy! Excellent.

Jane Turley said...


That is very kind of you but my contribution is just commentating which is not quite the same!

Glad you like my icon though! It's one I've instigated for my own blogger's award called The More Bonkers than Bush Award. Unfortunately, I feel compelled to nominate myself...

Paul, You can't fool me with that Austrailain accent - You are English! (Don't forget I've read TSGTP!)

Mike French said...

Thanks Patricia good to see you here at TVFH good luck with your resolutions!

Mike French said...

And a happy new year to you Bintang!