Competition Winner!

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by Mike

We have a winner to our competition to win $30, a signed Ann Kelley book and a stack of books from Luath Press.

The question was:

Which book would you like to see which two writers collaborate to produ
ce? And who should design / feature on the cover and why?

And the winner is: A Paperback Writer with:

Dr. Seuss and Robert Burns. Seuss, of course, could do his own artwork.

See, it just so happens that I have a sample of their reworking of Green Eggs and Ham, featuring the Hielan Coo or Highland Cattle. Here's a sample for you:

That hairy coo, that hairy coo,
A willnae meet that hairy coo!

An will ye meet him in a brae?
A willnae meet him in a brae!
An will ye meet him when ye gae?
A willnae meet him when A gae!
Will ye meet him by the cairn?
Will ye meet him wi a bairn?
A willnae, willnae by the cairn!
A willnae, willnae wi a bairn!
No in a brae, no when A gae!
No by the cairn! No wi a bairn!
An if sae be ye dinnae ken,
A willnae meet him ne'er again!

Are you cringing yet? You should be. :)
Thanks Paperback Writer. Great Answer. The goodies are in the post!

And a big thankyou to Luath Press. Thanks guys.

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