Rabbit Writer--Left behind

Taking a trip without your pet.

Sometimes the best way to understand a setting is to visit that setting, right?

But what if you have a pet and can't take that pet with you? It can be tough, especially with an odd pet like a rabbit. And no matter what pet you have, the poor little thing doesn't understand what's going on.

Poor little bunny.

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by Naomi 'Brigid' Gill


Unknown said...

How long will you be gone? Here's hoping your trip will go well and your reunion with your bunny will be sweet.

Brigid said...

Thankfully, the only trip I make away from my rabbit is during the day for school and work. And occasionally on the weekend to go home. But I always feel really bad because he seems so lonely when I'm away.

I don't know what he'd do if I had to leave him for longer. Poor thing.

Paul Burman said...

No harness and leash for buns?

Brigid said...

He has a harness and leash, yes, but that doesn't mean I can take him to class. Can you imagine what that'd be like?

Brigid had a little bun, little bun, little bun... lol