How to get a Publishing Deal #5

Reader Logoby The Lone Ranger

Okay here we go with number 5:

Commission the Air Force to Airdrop your manuscript over a large city

To do this you will need to box up your script, making sure the pages are numbered, and deliver them to your nearest Air Force Base. You will require national clearance so if you have a patchy past then skip to next week's tip.

Choose a nice sunny day and get them to fly over the city of your choice. The massive publicity that this will cause will have the publishers knocking at your door.

Simple really.

O and get them to shout Hi Ho Away as they drop them - just for fun.

Next week I'll show you the perfect introductory letter to send off with your submissions.

Until then.


Anonymous said...

Perfect for my manuscript based on the Icarus legend!

Stella said...

You risk giving a large amount of people concussions - but it's definitely an interesting idea. You might not even have to charter a plane. You could stand on the roof of a tall building. It would probably be cheaper too.