How to get a Publishing Deal #4

Reader Logoby The Lone Ranger

This week's tip:

Hide in the desk of a Publisher

To do this you will have to gain access - perhaps get a cleaning job at the company. You will also have to become very flexible ( heh no-one said this was going to be easy.)
I suggest you hide (with your manuscript of course) for a while, so take some water and perhaps a Muffin or something - you don't want your tummy grumbling and giving you away. Then after the publisher has sat there for an hour or so, JUMP OUT brandishing your novel. Providing you don't give him a heart attack he will be so startled that he will agree to read it. Of course he may call security, in which case I never knew you okay.

Good luck!

Photo Credit: Phillie Casablanca

1 comment:

Paul Burman said...

Perhaps whilst remaining in the cupboard, you could slide out a page of your manuscript at a time. It might reduce the chances of a heart attack whilst creating a sense of wonder.