How to get a Publishing Deal #2

Reader Logoby The Lone Ranger

Last week I gave you the first of my tips on getting a publishing deal. Now I'm guessing you tried that and it didn't work. Worry not my friend here is tip number 2.

Blast Your Way into the Publishing House to present Your Manuscript in Person.

For this you will need:

A partner in crime. I have Tonto: A leather clad femme fatale works well here.
Your Manuscript
A long Black Coat
Your Synopsis
1000's of Guns

Here's a "How To" short film. Study it well, the publishing houses are like Fort Knox - expect resistance. Good luck!

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kathleenmaher said...

Whoa, LR! You realize they've only gotten as far as the elevator, don't you?
Although, given their tactics, I imagine many a publisher would manage to find their mss. merited immediate attention.
Once upon a time, I imagined I would do anything to sell a novel. Now I know that's not true.