Welcome Fossfor & BT Cassidy

Two new crew members join The View From Here today!

They are artist Fossfor from Brussels in Belgium and journalist/novelist BT Cassidy from Adelaide in Australia.

Fossfor has already been busy around the site redoing our graphics to give us a shine and she will be doing some illustrations to go with some of our book reviews. As you can see from her artwork - see the banner to the site above - she has an amazing talent. Watch out for more of her distinctive style applied to the magazine soon! And if you can't wait for that, see her work here and Piggery Pokery here!

So just who is BT Cassidy? Well he says:

"Writing is as much a part of my life as eating and sleeping."

And he is currently working on, “The Anatomy Of Construction" which is a graphic novel in development, designed to unlock the writer in everyone- from novice, to genius.

Here's a snippet:

Story is a stream rippling over rocks and not easy to control without impeding its flow.

Good eh?! So expect plenty of lyrical advice on writing from BT here at the magazine.

Do welcome them in as they join the mix here to bring their voices to The View From Here.


Unknown said...

More than welcome, Fossfor and BT: I'm hoping to learn lots from both of you!

Stella said...

Welcome aboard, kids! Love the artwork, Fossfor. And BT! You sly monkey! About time you got back online :))

the Amateur Book Blogger said...

welcome willkommen aloha - looking forward to sharing views and news with you on board.

Paul Burman said...

Welcome Fossfor, welcome BT. Had a peek at your sites and am delighted to be working alongside you.

Fossfor said...

thank you,I'm very happy to be here!