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by Mike

“I’ve stalled, thousands of miles above the rocks and earth – the only way is down.”

At the start of the month we kicked off our Continue The Story Competition. The prize : 3 signed books from Paperbooks. We had 8 great contributions and have ended up with a fantastic short story. The story, with an ending written by me will appear in November's edition of the magazine, issue 5, which is out on the 7th November.

The story called Surrounded has contributions from:

Mike French (er me)

Jane Turley

Kristina Meredith


Kathleen Maher (another crew member sneaking in!)


Lisa Holdren

Aussie Cynic

Madison Richards

But the WINNER is Kristina Meredith: That's a quote from her work above.

So congratulations to Kristina: Three signed books, including Paul Burman's book ( see review in the article below) on their way to you courtesy of Paperbooks. (Er that is once we have your address! Can you contact us Kristina!)

Top photo: Kabils

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Paul Burman said...

Congratulations, Kristina.