Books are Like Girls in Short Skirts

by The Lone Ranger

Like the title of this post? It was an unusual parting remake on Three Counties Radio whilst talking about Hi Ho Books Away on their show!

The DJ seemed to think I was Mike. Strange.

Listen to the radio interview below ( I forgot to mention The View From Here - I think Mike is a bit mad with me!)

And do you think books are like girls in short skirts?
In what way could this be true?!

For more on Hi Ho Books Away ( or "Readers brought to Book") :

Click here to see the video.
Click here to see the results.

Photo Credit: ibm4381


Lynda Meyers said...

I know I still owe you an article Mike, but I just had to comment! That was a great interview...thoroughly enjoyable!

There has been a movement afoot in the US for some time now where people leave books in coffee shops and doctor's waiting rooms, etc. If you take a book, you (on your honor) leave another book somewhere else another time!

I love the idea of giving away books and being able watch what happens as well!

Have a good weekend :)

Unknown said...

Great interview, Lone Ranger. Lots of fun. As to girls in short skirts and books, I'd say, it depends on which book and which girl. The skirt itself probably matters the same as a jacket.

The Lone Ranger said...

Madison : Thanks I'll tell Mike - looking forward to seeing your article.

Kathleen: Greetings fair lady - Never judge a woman by her skirt.

Jane Turley said...

I heard the interview live Mike and thought it was a nice catchy piece. Well done on the news article too!

Kathleen is spot on about jackets and skirts. My husband tends to go for a sexy little skirt whereas I go for a fausty old jacket.

He came with a good life insurance policy though.

The Lone Ranger said...

Jane: Your husband likes wearing short skirts? (I like spurs and boots)

And Fausty Old Jackets for you - are you talking about dust jackets?