Week 9 Results of Hi Ho Books Away!

by The Lone Ranger

Engleby by Sebastian Faulks

In at number 5 !
Time: 14 mins 55 secs

Return with me now to the thrilling day of Tuesday ...

Last but one mission. I set the book down and withdraw. Above me dark clouds sweep across the scene. Come on someone go for it before it starts raining. Save the book ( and women and children of course.)

9 mins later:

An Asian man in a grey and black striped top sits down on the bench. He sits a black bag between him and Sebastian Faulks. This looks good, people with bags often go for the book.

He doesn't.

14 mins 55 secs:

He does. (For a minute.)
He doesn't. (He sets it down again for 12 mins.)
He does.
He doesn't.
He does.

And so on until the book has snatched him away from his world and he is pulled into it.

The Lone Ranger Getting the Nation Reading!

For last weeks account click here.

Next week the last ever drop:
The Steep Approach to Garbadale by Iain Banks.


Stella said...

I just wanted to say that you're mighty generous, Mr. Ranger, leaving books around for good folk to get in some learning. You're like a book sprite - in a manly and mysterious way.

The Lone Ranger said...

"manly and mysterious"

That's my tag line you're messing with there partner.

It should be ...

"Who was that mysterious man?"

But I like you lady so I'll let it go.

Stella said...


My hero...

Unknown said...

Dear Lone Ranger, You need not worry that folks everywhere are indeed asking: Who was that masked man?
They always have and always will.

But when a women is smitten she may well stray from the text. She may focus on specific characteristics. It happens.

Not that you're ever less than the perfect gentleman. It's just that I personally think you should prepare yourself for feminine adulation. Especially if you're dropping gifts in our laps--or within the vicinity.

The Lone Ranger said...

Kathleen you honour me madam. I am, I fear, not as young as I once was.

It is strange how I now see the full value of my mask. In my younger days women swooned over me, today alas not. To be honest that is why I accepted Mike's mission to drop these books - I understand that women like books and such stuff.


The Lone Ranger.