Week 10 Results of Hi Ho Books Away!

by The Lone Ranger

The Steep Approach to Garbadale by Iain Banks

In at number 6
Time: 20 mins 51 secs

Return with me now to the thrilling day of last Friday ...

The last week. It is the end. I leave Iain Banks on the bench and wait.

20 mins 51 secs later:

A young couple approach the bench. They look like student types. She points the book out to him. He swoops, picks it up and they walk off towards the local tavern, book held high in his hands. The oldest partners in crime routine. "She made me eat the apple your honour."

So that's it. The finish. It's been a great 10 weeks. Here are some stats:

The winner: Tom McCarthy
The slowest book: Arthur & George by Julian Barnes

10 books given away to the value of £ 150.

10 lives impacted by a book that lay across their path? Who knows what effect those books had.

I ride now into the sunset. Thanks for following me on my journey.

There are no more words.


Anonymous said...

cue the William Tell Overture...

Stella said...

Rufus beat me to it, damnit.

Happy trails.

Unknown said...

Come on, everyone. This is where we stand up and yell, "Bravo! One more! We love you Lone Ranger!"
Hear the crowd, stamping its feet, shouting itself hoarse, LR?
Go on vacation.
Sign off, TV series canceled.
Have fun with your family, but I know you'll be back.

angesbiz said...

Great competition Mike! I saw your news article on this experiment. Well done buddy... cool idea :)