The View From Here in the Press

by Mike

Well all the crew here have decided that I've gone on holiday already! Are they trying to tell me something?

Anyway, here's a last article from me before I head off to Cornwall to find some sun, sea and pasties.

Spent Monday doing strange things on a bench for the local paper to get the shot above!

Click on the image to enlarge the article to read it.

And if your dropping in to find out about the book giveaway we did, here's some links to help you find out just what went on!

Click here to see the video.
Click here to see the results.

That's it. See you all in September. The rest of the crew will keep you all informed, entertained and inspired through August. Save me some party food guys.


Listen in here on Thursday morning at 7:45 BST when I'm interviewed live on Three Counties Radio about the book drops. (There is an option to "listen live" there at the bottom of the side-bar.)


Anonymous said...

You're the Lone Ranger? No. It can't be!
I'm choked, Mike.

First it was Father Christmas, then the tooth fairy, and now the masked man. Is nothing sacred?

*Stunned; silent; limps into the sunset*

Stella said...

Umm, oops?

Next time I'll make sure you're on vacation before I talk about throwing wild parties...


Have fun, Mike!

Unknown said...

Stella, come on. If we're throwing a big bash for Paul, for ourselves, maybe we should include Mike.
Because in my book, Mike, you don't exactly act like an authority figure. (Not that I don't think you rule the universe like God, physics, and the best possible editors.)
The LR's different. Besides his laconic nature, I bet he wears not just a mask but spurs, too.
Imagine then what a great party it would be with both guys, disco ball or not.

Mike French said...

Don't tell the children Paul.

No problem with wild parties Stella - just take the pictures down before you start.

The Lone Ranger said...

I'm back.

Kathleen, thankyou my good woman. Spurs? Of course, even in bed.

Mike: You double crossing no good, take all the glory cheat, after I spent all those hours sitting around for you. How could you?