The View From Here Goes Into Print

Break out the champagne!

It's launch day of our very first print version of The View From Here.

Issue 1 has just gone on sale with a new Print on Demand Service called MagCloud that is run by HP.

Printed on 80lb paper in full colour with saddle-stitched covers, the magazine looks awesome.

MagCloud is in Beta at the moment, so you can only get the magazine shipped to a US address, but that will change once beta testing is finished.

The View From Here will go out monthly and will contain most of what you see here at the zine in the printed version. So watch out for your comments and reader articles turning up in print.

At the moment The View From Here is the featured magazine at MagCloud - click here - to see a full preview of the magazine and to order the very first copy! And it really is a full size magazine, not a book.

The View From Here Magazine
ISSN 1758-2903
Available to buy here.

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