Rabbit Writer - At the park

Bunny heaven!

One of the great balancing acts of writing is to watch people without looking like a stalker. Naturally, the rabbit doesn't have these concerns. His owner may be hoping that bringing him along will make him look less suspicious and reduce the feed costs.

The rabbit doesn't mind.


Unknown said...

I've wondered about that, because the way I 'watch' people tends toward the obvious.
But many people like the idea that someone is drawing them. Perhaps I only imagine that, though, because I like it fine if someone's staring while sketching.

Stella said...


Brigid said...


On the rare occasions when I go on people watching expeditions I usually try to be as obviousness as possible.

Unfortunately for me, that often means quickly looking somewhere else if the person in question starts to look my way.

Yeah, real subtle.

Unknown said...

Need to agree with Stella, here, Brigid: really fine sketches.
As to watching? A good pair of sunglasses helps. The best ones don't black out many details and do make one less obviously the voyeur.

Brigid said...

I'll keep that in mind.

(I know I have sunglasses, I just haven't been able to find them since I last moved.)

And thanks. I'm glad my drawings are appreciated.

The Lone Ranger said...

Kathleen - I find my mask helps although i do get a few odd looks.

Brigid: Mighty fine drawing there I like the bench, perhaps I could leave a book on it?

Unknown said...

Brigid, What would the rabbit think of the Lone Ranger?
Here in Manhattan, I suspect he might get picked up faster than the books he leaves behind. (Interpret that how you will.)

Anonymous said...

Eaves-dropping works for me if I'm too close to watch: observing the dynamics of the spoken word. I think a rabbit might help in this situation too. Nice cartoon, Brigid.

Brigid said...

The Lone Ranger? As in the old TV show? I suspect the rabbit wouldn't think much about. I know my rabbit doesn't pay much attention when the TV's on, even when there's a lot of loud noises.

Now if I sneeze, then he takes notice. hahaha!

The Lone Ranger said...


As in me The Lone Ranger returned for a new mission is this strange modern world.


Where is this Manhatten you speak of? Is it a drinking saloon?

Brigid said...

Ah. hahahaha

In that case the rabbit would probably think, "Hmm! New feet to sniff!"

Unknown said...

Lone Ranger, Not having visited much beyond the US, I can't compare Manhattan to your realm, except to say it's bigger than a saloon, and that handsome men in seductive hats and masks don't go unappreciated here.

Although you're famous as the LONE Ranger, it might be interesting, if you had a female doppelganger leaving books about Manhattan for anyone to pluck.

The Lone Ranger said...

Katheeen Maher:

"handsome men in seductive hats and masks don't go unappreciated here."

You mean I might find some work to do there? I could do with earning a few dollars on the side, a rangers salarly doesn't buy much hay for Silver.

And a partner? Okay - would you want a mask?