Fire Horses Competition

Competition Time!

This week we are featuring Fire Horses by Mark Piggott and his publisher Legend Press have given us a signed edition of Mark's book for a competition here at The View From Here.

To win think of a song title that includes one or more of the words

Horse or Horses

and leave your song title as a comment with your name.

So for example Bring on the Dancing Horses by Echo & The Bunnymen

Best one that I think matches the subject matter of the book wins!

(See our review here if you want to see what the book is about.)

Good Luck! Competition closes Friday 27th June.


Michael J. Kannengieser said...

Hi Mike,
Allow me to offer this song title, a song which is certain to become a bonafide country music hit:

"You can lead a horse to a fire, but you can't make it barbeque." by Johnny Charcoal and the Greasy Aprons

Be advised, in America, the word "barbeque" is also used as a verb, as in "Tonight the horses are going to barbeque some steaks."

ha ha

Thanks for the opportunity, my friend.

-Mike (M2)

Anonymous said...

hey there Mike...
hows this one.....
Moonlight drive/Horse Lattitude by the Doors soundtrack Dance on Fire
thought fits given both the bans and the author have a poetic nature..
who performs poetry better than jim Morrison

Jane Turley said...

Hmm.. this was quite tricky as I could actually think of a number of songs with horse/fire in the title but trying to match one with the theme of the book was harder. Eventually, I narrowed it down to Firestarter (The prodigy -oh, I'm so young and trendy!), Crazy Horses (The Osmonds - no I didn't fancy Donny! Well perhaps I'm not quite so young after all...)

But finally I've settled Indoor Fireworks by Elvis Costello as my entry. I'm thinking maybe there's a lot going on inside the protagonist's head...